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Thank you for your interest in a position at Eagle Island Camp. At this time all positions have been filled but please check back with us this winter when we begin hiring for our 2020 season.

Eagle Island Camp can’t wait to get a team together for the summer of 2019!  And we are super excited that you are here wanting to join us on this amazing journey!

We are looking for some great people who are as enthusiastic to serve our campers as we are.  This summer we will be operating as a day camp on our island in Upper Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of New York serving campers of all genders entering 4th, 5th and 6th grade.  Our focus is sailing and outdoor skills so we need people like you who don’t mind getting dirty and spending time on the water and in the woods with some awesome kids.  Everyone will be trained in water safety if not certified as a waterfront lifeguard (because, well…we’re on an island).

Every day you will be responsible for our campers:  getting them to their activities on time, and helping them to learn and grow when they get there (by participating yourself as much as possible—when you’re having fun the campers are having fun!).  You will be asked to clean everything from cuts and scrapes on camper’s knees to bathrooms and floors. But you won’t be alone. On this island, we are a team doing what needs to get done to support the camp—and therefore our campers.  It will be hard work, but it will also be some of the most rewarding you’ll ever do. Join us!


July 8-July 13: Certification Courses and Leadership Training

July 14-July 19: Staff Training and Development Week

July 22-August 2: Youth Camp

Available Positions:

Thank you for your interest in Eagle Island Camp. At this time all positions have been filled,

but please check back for the summer of 2020!

Application Process:

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So you know you want to apply: now what?  First of all, you are doing great just by being here!  There’s a button below (and another one at the top of the page).  You’ll start by clicking Apply Now! This will take you to an application. It will ask you for some basic information about yourself and you will need to provide 3 references.  Once you submit that, you should get an email (within three days). This will walk you through the next steps in more detail and will include a creative prompt for you to reflect on and answer.  At Eagle Island, we recognize that not everyone learns the same way and therefore not everyone expresses themselves best through writing. So you get to answer that prompt in the way that makes the most sense to you. Maybe in a video or a song, written as a poem or expressed as a sculpture or art piece.  Perhaps you do represent yourself best in an essay. Whatever it is, have fun with it! Once you are happy with your response and send it along, we will schedule an online video interview.

Questions? Email