October 7, 2016

Dear Friend,

Five years ago many of you pledged to give annual support for Eagle Island’s future and as seen in this summer’s pledge campaign, scores of supporters have reconfirmed those pledges and in many cases increased their commitment. We sincerely thank all of those individuals for their generosity and their fulfillment of those pledges this year.

Friends of Eagle Island had an amazing summer of many successes, but we have MUCH more work to do. As the newsletter reported, volunteers worked throughout the summer glazing windows, replacing shingles, clearing debris and overgrown paths, rebuilding stairs, running electric and staining platforms. FEI hired contractors to rebuild part of the service dock, test and repair parts of the septic system, and drilled two test wells, which unfortunately did not produce any water. Other large expenses in 2016 included an engineering evaluation of the three major infrastructure systems and the preparation of a Conditions Assessment by an Historic Preservation Architect.

As FEI prepares for 2017 and 2018, we will be contracting major projects: upgraded/new water supply system off the lake, electrical repairs/upgrades, two large roof replacements and foundation work. In addition to these construction costs, to reopen the camp once all necessary approvals are obtained, will be the purchase of equipment including but not limited to new platform tents, cots, canoes, kayaks, sailboats, and kitchen equipment. As you can see from this list we NEED your help AND the promise of continued financial support in the years to come.

The Friends of Eagle Island Board of Directors urgently asks you to consider an annual pledge that starts with a generous donation before the end of December 2016. We ask you to dig deep and consider the huge costs of reopening our beloved camp as you contemplate the amount you can pledge for 3, 5 or 10 years.

As you may know, one of the values of pledged money is to demonstrate in grant applications and to large donors the depth and long-term sustainability of the organization. Annual Pledges are integral to the budgeting process, allowing us to confidently prioritize the restoration work.

Thank you to all who have already pledged and donated this year. Without you we would not have accomplished so much our first year having owned Eagle Island.

With sincere gratitude,
Chris Wubbolding, President
Friends of Eagle Island, Inc.