Exciting news and URGENT help needed!

Friends of Eagle Island, Inc. just signed an agreement with the Girl Scouts Heart of NJ to purchase Eagle Island by the end of October!
It’s true!  Once again, like the Graves family in 1937, an enormously generous donor has stepped in to make sure that “children will always play” on Eagle Island. With this surprising, extraordinary gift, FEI will soon be the owner of our beloved island and able restore it into a wondrous camp.
FEI mission and purpose is finally being fulfilled! After 6 years of hard work and effort we can begin to bring back to life this amazing property.
Our focus is to revive our incredible camp.  A camp with wilderness adventures, premier sailing programs, incredible out of doors experiences, all while at the same time developing team and leadership skills. In addition, FEI will be offering new programs and island access to the broader Adirondack community, Eagle Island Camp Alumnae and families.
It will take time and money before we will be able to offer camping and other activities.  The first step is to restore the historic buildings and provide much needed repairs to ensure safety.  We will be assessing any critical repairs that are needed before winter sets in.  Our incredibly generous donor provided the funds to purchase the island, but we need an additional $1.5m to fund the restoration needed to begin camp again.  We know that the Eagle Island family is large enough and strong enough to hit this goal.  We wouldn’t have worked so hard the last six years if we didn’t.  It is with this confidence we are accepting the gift of this magnificent island and the responsibility of its stewardship.
Please be generous and make the most expansive contribution you can possibly afford so that we can restore Eagle Island to the camp we love!
Your donation will be used in the following ways:  Restoration; repairs to water, sewer, electrical and roofs; Transaction Fees; Start up costs; Program equipment.
The sooner we can get started, the faster we can have campers back on the Island! There are several ways to make a tax deductible contribution.

  • Send your check to: Friends of Eagle Island, Inc., P.O. Box 245, Livingston, NJ  07039
Thank you so much for your financial support in the past and refusing to give up hope.  It has been the possibility of sharing Eagle Island once again with you and future generations that has sustained our work towards the dream of reopening a camp. Together we will make our dream come true.