Offer to Purchase Eagle Island - REJECTED

Friends of Eagle Island, for many weeks now, has been working diligently to acquire Eagle Island in Upper Saranac Lake from the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey Council and it presented an offer to purchase to the Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey on August 4, 2015 for appraised fair market value of $2.45 million.

The Friends of Eagle Island were able to make this offer through the extraordinary generosity of an anonymous donor.  The offer was based on the certified appraisal and included some contingencies including the resumption of operations on the Eagle Island property as a place of learning and adventure for young people, a primary objective of our donor and FEI.

The Friends of Eagle Island’s vision for the future included sharing Eagle Island more broadly to make the island an integral asset of the Adirondack Park and Upper Saranac Lake community. Plans under discussion had include providing public access through visitation and recreational use, historic preservation tours, environmental education for children and families, and by hosting public events and programs in its expansive interior and exterior spaces.

Unfortunately, the GSHNJ, through their attorney, did not accept our offer to purchase Eagle Island.   The Girl Scouts did not expand on the reasons other than to say they thought they could get more money from listing the property.

While we are totally taken back by the lack of counter offer and/or attempt to come to some sort of agreement, we are not giving up.
We are reaching out to the Girl Scouts with other ideas to keep the dialogue continuing.
Thank you so much for standing by Friends of Eagle Island and refusing to give up hope.  It has been the possibility of sharing Eagle Island once again with you and future generations that has sustained our work towards the dream of reopening a camp.

Together we will make our dream come true.

Board of Directors
Friends of Eagle Island, Inc.